• Qualification: MSc, MPhil, PhD, K-SET
  • Department: Department of Microbiology
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Year of Experience: 19 Years

Academic Achievements


  1. VGST- SPiCE projects were selected for the year 2011 and 2013 with sponsorship of Rs.30,000 each time
  2. Guided various in house projects

 Publications – Journal/ Conferences/ Seminar/ Others
 Seminars / Conferences / Work Shops / Training Programs Attended

  1. Workshop on DNA Finger printing Technology, Molecular Markers and Bioinformatics organized by  Karnataka Science and Technology Academy- 2014


Technical Knowledge Acquired

  1. Microbiological Techniques: Isolation, purification and cultivation of Bacteria , Fungi and Algae. Preservation of master cultures for practical and projects.
  2. Physiology and Biochemistry: Quantitative and Qualitative Estimation of Sugars, Proteins, Lipids, RNA, DNA.
  3. Molecular Techniques: DNA Isolation, PCR, Transformation, Recombination, Conjugation, Restriction digestion, Ligation, Electrophoresis.

 Awards and Recognitions

  1.  Appointed as a BOE  , Chairman in UG Microbiology for the year 2013-14, Bangalore University