The Equality Opportunity Cell has been set up in the college to address issues of Gender equality and Gender -related discrimination among the faculty and the students. it is set up to oversee the effective implementation of the policies and programmes for all the disadvantages groups in the college. it is aimed at ensuring the diversity among the teaching, non-teaching and student community and eliminate all forms of discrimination among all the stakeholders of the college. it is aimed at creating a conducive atmosphere for the growth of healthy inter-personal relations among the students coming from various social backgrounds.

The College is committed to achieve a vibrant and inclusive growth to all the sections through equal opportunity, knowledge creation and dissemination, to promote diversity and inclusive practices in the college.

To achieve all these goals the Equal opportunity Cell conducts seminars, workshops, guest lectures, activities and awareness programmes from time to time on issues of contemporary significance and importance

Members :

  1. Suma C, Convener
  2. Dr. Manju Rani
  3. Dr. Savitha R
  4. Dr. Pooja Kumari
  5. Dr. Ashok Kumar H G
  6. Mrs. Dhanashri Vaishali