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Since the college's reopening, the cultural committee of MSRCASC has been quite active. In addition to intellectual and social opportunities, we expose our students to a wide range of additional experiences. They have a variety of options to network and create opportunities for themselves, including lectures, seminars, get-togethers, cultural festivals, social campus events, volunteer and community activities, conferences, and career fairs. These occasions also lead to the development of social and professional ties with their connections from the cultural event so that everyone can benefit.

Participating in cultural events not only benefits the person in many ways but also the family and the community!

Physical benefits

You engage in physical activity when you engage in activities like moose hunting or dancing. It is commonly recognised that regular exercise is good for your body and can prevent a variety of illnesses and health issues. Eating traditional or cultural meals has significant advantages as well.

Mental health benefits

It is well recognised that cultural connection has a significant role in lowering the risk of mental health conditions like depression and addictive behaviours. Each year, more studies are published that demonstrate how much less probable it is for people to experience issues with substance misuse, depression, or suicide when they have stronger ties to their families and cultures.

Spiritual benefits

The majority of cultural activities promote the wellness of the whole individual by promoting gratitude for what has been given and earned, sharing, respect for the environment, and honouring those who have taught us.

Emotional benefits

A formula for excellent emotional health includes participating in passed-down customs, doing physical exercise, improving one's mental health, and interacting with others. Having a cultural component might boost your happiness and satisfaction because talking and other social activities are already known to stimulate endorphins, which improve mood.

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