• Qualification: M.Sc, K-SET, (PhD)
  • Department: Department of Mathematics
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Year of Experience: 5 Years
  • Email ID: thulasi.mb@gmail.com

Academic / Professional Achievements

Awards & Recognitions

  1. Qualified Karnatak State Eligibility Test (K-SET) for Assistant Professorship conducted by University of Mysore in 2013.
  2. B.Sc- Gold medal in Mathematics.

Seminars / Conferences / Work Shops / Training Programs / Others

  1. Attended two days’ webinar on “Transdisciplinary perspectives on Applied Complex analysis” on 2nd and 3rd September 2021.
  2. Attended five days FDP on “Finite Element Analysis – Research perspective” from 23rd to 27th August 2021.
  3. Attended five days FDP on “Modern methods for effective teaching and learning” from 17th to 21st August 2021 organised by Rathinam College of Arts and Science.
  4. Attended a webinar on “NEP 2020: Indian Culture and heritage towards wellbeing of learners in HEIs” on 30th July 2021 organised by Disha Bharath.
  5. Attended six days FDP on “Python programming” from 19th to 24th July 2021 organised by Government first grade college.
  6. Attended a webinar on “Language of Mathematics on Nature” on 1st July 2021 organised by MES College of Arts, Science and Commerce.
  7. Attended five days FDP on “Recent trends” from 8th to 12th June 2021 organised by M.S. Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce.
  8. Attended FDP on “Instilling Effectiveness in Digital Teaching in Current Scenario” on 25th May 2021 organised by Amity Global Business School.
  9. Attended one week FDP on “Orientation of AQAR 2020-21” from 17th to 23rd May 2021 organised by M.S. Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce.
  10. Attended 5 days FDP on “Enhancing Psychological skills for teaching/learning and Practice” from 3rd to 7th May 2021 organised by M.S. Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce.
  11. Attended NPTEL Course on “Complex Analysis” from September to December 2020.
  12. Attended a webinar on “Mathematical modeling of an Epidemic due to corona” on 23rd July 2020 organised by SJR College for women.
  13. Attended FDP on “Data Science” on 18th July 2020 organised by Campus Technology.
  14. Attended 5 day FDP on “Finite Element Analysis Practice and MATLAB” from 13th to 17th July 2020 organised by Tontadarya College of Engineering.
  15. Attended a webinar on “The congruent number problem and Elliptic curves” on 12th July 2020 organised by Gonit Sora.
  16. Attended an International Webinar on “Fermat’s last theorem and a failure of unique factorization” on 12th July 2020 organised by Lumding College.
  17. Attended two days webinar on “Number Theory and its application to Cryptography” on 10th and 11th July 2020 organised by NIE, Mysuru.
  18. Attended a webinar on “Wolfram Mathematica: An overview” on 10th July 2020 organised by Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology.
  19. Attended FDP on “Didactics on Online Teaching” on 2nd July 2020 organised by M.S. Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce.
  20. Attended a webinar on “Research and Publication Ethics in Science” on 27th June 2020 organised by St. Albert’s College.
  21. Attended one week National Faculty Development Program on “Latex” organized by Sanjay Ghodawat University, Kolhapur from 27th April to 2nd May 2020.
  22. Attended one week National Faculty Development Program on “SCILAB-An open Source Substitute for MATLAB” organized by JNTUH College of Engineering, Sultanpur and Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay from 25th to 30th May 2020.
  23. Attended five day online Faculty Development Program on “Online Teaching during COVID-19 pandemic” organized by IQAC, Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Bengaluru from 23rd to 27th June 2020.
  24. Attended One day Workshop on “Scientific Data Analysis using Origin Pro and Mathematica” organized by the Department of Post Graduate Studies & Research in Physics on 2nd January 2020 at The National College, Jayanagar.
  25. Attended One day Faculty Development Program on “E-Resource and Digital Content” held on 21st September 2019 conducted by Department of Library and Information Centre at RCASC.
  26. Attended One day workshop on “Python” conducted by IIT Bombay at BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore on 22nd June 2019.
  27. Attended 3rd National Seminar on “New Methodology of Assessment and Accreditation by NAAC-Issues and Challenges” organized by IQAC of RCASC on 11th April 2019.
  28. Attended One day Workshop on “Mathematics Practicals using FOSS” organized by BU, BCU and BNU at Jnanajyothi Seminar Hall, Central College, Bangalore on March 2nd 2019.

Coordinated and Organized

  1. Organized a workshop on “Practical knowledge on Python programming” on 21st and 22nd January 2021.
  2. organized a guest lecture on “Language of Mathematics in Nature” on 7th January 2021.
  3. organized a webinar on “Role of Eigen values and Eigen vectors in the solution of ODE” on 28th August 2020.
  4. organized a Value Added Course on “Wolfram Mathematica” from 15th April to 5th May 2020.


  1. Hurwitz type results for certain representations of integers as sums of squares. D.D. Somashekara and Thulasi, Proceedings of the Jangjeon Mathematical Society (Accepted for publication)
  2. A proof of Reciprocity theorem by use of loop integrals. D.D. Somashekara and Thulasi, International J. Math. Combin Vol3(2020), 65-70.