• Qualification: MSc, MPhil, BEd,(Ph.D)
  • Department: Mathematics
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Year of Experience: 14 Years
  • Email ID: harithaehs@gmail.com

Academic / Professional Achievements

Membership in Professional Bodies


  • Member of Swadeshi Vijnana Andolana, Karnataka

Publications – Journal Publications/ Conferences / Workshops / Seminars / Others

  1. Published a paper titled” Statistical Analysis of GST Impact on Small Scale Industries in India” on 1st March 2021 in the Green Channel Logistics and Analytics, Xavier college, Volume: 1, ISBN Number is 978-81-950963-7-4.
  2. Published a paper titled” A Statistical Study on Financial Planning is a key to Wealthy Life” on 1st March 2021 at Green Channel Logistics and Analytics at Xavier college, Volume: 1,ISBN Number is 978-81-950963-7-4.
  3. Presented a paper entitled ”New steganography scheme using LU decomposition and finite state machine” in the international conference ICASEM 2020 held on 7th to 9th ,August 2020.
  4. Published a paper titled,”Comparitive study of optimization techniques in transportation problems”on 14th october 2019 AT National Conference SAMVIDH 2019 at Seshadripuram First Grade college in Journal: IJRAR-ISSN-2349-5138.
  5. Published a paper titled,”Design of Artificial Neural Network Model for Linear Programming Problem”on 3rd,4th August 2019 at International Conference at SJRC .
  6. presented a paper titled ,“Finding Eigen values and Eigen vectors in case of matrices, differential operator, simultaneous differential equations and its solutions” on 6th November 2017 in the 10th National Women Science congress, organized by SVAK at RCASC.

As a resource person…


  • Delivered a lecture on “Applications of graph theory in day to day life” at Sapthagiri PG College , Andhra Pradesh on 21st December 2020.
  • Delivered a lecture on “Practical Session on Mathematics using FOSS” at Ramaiah Pre-University College, Bangalore on 17th December 2020.
  • Delivered a lecture on “ Practical Session on Mathematics” at KITE PU College, Hoskote, Bangalore on 6th November 2020. .
  • Delivered a lecture on “ Applications of Integration” at Sapthagiri Degree College, Andhra Pradesh on 18th November 2020.

Conferences / Workshops / Seminars / FDPs / Others – Attended

  1. Participated in six days FDP on “PYTHON PROGRAMMING” on 19th-24th July 2021 organized by GFGC PG CENTRE, Karnataka.
  2. Participated in one week FDP on” Number theory and its applications” on 14th -19th June 2021 organized by GATES INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, A.P
  3. Participated in seven days national level online FDP on” ORIENTATION ON AQAR 2020-21” on 17th -23rd May 2021 organized by IQAC,MSRCASC ,Bangalore.
  4. Participated in six days FDP on “Enhancing Psychological Skills for Teaching/Learning and Practice” on 3rd -7th May 2021 organized by Department of Indian Languages, MSRCASC, Bangalore..
  5. Participated in six days national workshop on “Research Methodology” on 19th -24th April 2021 organized by Queens College, Tamil Nadu.
  6. Participated in the International Conference on “New Trends in Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics” on 12th-13th April 2021 organized by Sri Vidya Mandir Arts and Science College, Bangalore..
  7. Participated In three days FDP on “Research Methodology and Use of Software Tools” on 21st July 2020 organized by KLE Society’s S. Nijalingappa College, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru.
  8. Participated in four days online FDP on “LateX&Xfig,Moodle Learning Management System &Python Programming” on30th June 2020 to 03 July 2020 organized by Seshadripuram First Grade College with IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial.
  9. Participated in six days’ online international FDP on “Technology and Emotional Enrichment” on 22nd – 28th June 2020  organized by ST.Xavier’s College ,Thamilnadu.
  10. Participated in one day online FDP on “Adoption of Online platform for Practical Based subjects” on 24th June 2020  organized by RIBS, Bangalore.
  11. Participated in one day online FDP on “ Deep Learning with Artificial Intelligence” on 11th June 2020 organized by BES College.
  12. Participated in one day online FDP on “Dealing with D.E and PDE” on 8th June 2020 organized by Maple Soft.
  13. Participated in seven days online FDP on “ Python Programming” on   5th -11th June 2020  organized by Govt. College for Women with IIT Bombay.
  14. Participated in two days online workshop on “Teaching Mathematics through Origami“ on 6th -7th June 2020 organized by SRSIGroup of Institutions, in association with Bengaluru North University, Government of Karnataka.
  15. Participated in seven days online FDP on “ MathematicalModeling in Multidisciplinary Domain” on 1st -7th June 2020 organized by Bannari Amman Institute of Technology.
  16. Participated in one day National E-Seminar on “IMPACT OF COVID -19  IN EDUCATION SECTOR “ on 4th June 2020 organized by Department of Languages, RCASC,Bangalore.
  17. Participated in one day online FDP on “ Data Analytics using R” on 30th May 2020  organized by T.John College,Bangalore.
  18. Participated in one day online FDP on “ Innovations in Digital Education with Technology” on 29th May 2020 organized by GFGC,Bangaloe.
  19. Participated in  two days online FDP on “ Google Apps” on  29th -30th May 2020 organized by ChristCollege,Bangalore.
  20. Participated in three days workshop on” NAAC Assessment and Accreditation: A Step by Step Process” on 28th -30th  May ,2020 organized by GATES Institute of technology , Andra Pradesh.
  21. Participated in four days national level online workshop on “ Preparation for UGC NET(Paper-1)”on 18th-21stMay 2020 organized by R.V College, Bangalore.
  22. Participated in one day FDP on” E-Resource and Digital Content” on 21st September 2019 organized by Department of Library,RCASC,Bangalore.
  23. Attended One day Workshop on “Scientific Data Analysis using Origin Pro and Mathematica” organized by the Department of Post Graduate Studies & Research in Physics on 2nd January 2020 at The National College, Jayanagar.
  24. Participated in State level Faculty Development program ON”Experimental Teaching and Learning methodologies” on 23rd September 2019 held at Noble Group of Institutions.
  25. Attended One day Faculty Development Program on “E-Resource and Digital Content” held on 21st September 2019 conducted by Department of Library and Information Centre at RCASC.
  26. Participated one day Multidisciplinary International Conference AVANT-GARDE 2019 organized by Seshadripuram First Grade College ,Yelahanka on 18th May,2019
  27. Attended one day National Seminar on “New Methodology of Assessment and Accreditation by NAAC-Issues and Challanges” organized by RCAS-IQAC on 11th April 2019.
  28. Attended one day workshop on “Mathematics Practicals using FOSS” on 2nd March 2019 held at Jnanajyothi Seminar hall, Bangalore University, Bangalore.
  29. Participated in Two day National Conference on “Strategizing Teaching-Learning for Quality Enhancement and Sustenance” in Sindhi College on 22nd and 23rd March 2019
  30. Attended FDP on “Intellectual Property Rights” held at RCASC on 17th and 19th December 2018.
  31. Attended FDP on “Effective pedagogical Techniques for today’s Google Era” through Internal Quality Assurance Cell on 4th September 2018.
  32. Participated in the celebration of “National Science Day” jointly organized by Ramaiah college of arts science and commerce and Karnataka Science and Technology Academy, Department of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka held at RCASC on 12th March 2018.
  33. Attended one day workshop on ” MATHEMATICS PRACTICALS USING FOSS ” held at Jnanajyothi Seminar Hall Bangalore University , Bangalore on 9th February 2018..
  34. Attended one week Faculty Devolopment Program on ” COMPUTATIONAL TOOLS FOR ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS ” held at Ramaiah Institute of Technology , Bangalore – 54 on 16th to 21st January 2018 .
  35. Co-Ordinated 10th National Women Science congress held on 6th and 7th November 2017 at RCASC ,Bangalore.
  36. Participated in the Faculty Development Program on ‘Meditation for Work Life Balance’Conducted on 14th to 16th of September 2017 organized by Department of English ,RCASC IN association with Shri Ram Chandra Mission.
  37. Participated in the state level Faculty development programme on “IMAGE PROCESSING –MATLAB“ held on 3rd and 4th February 2017 at Ramaiah college of Arts ,Science and Commerce,Bangalore.
  38. Attended two day workshop onmathematics practical using FOSS on 12th and 13thof January 2017 at Central College, Bangalore University.
  39. Participated in two day workshop on mathematics practicals using FOSS on 22nd and 23rd of July 2016 at Janajyothi Auditorium, Central college, Bangalore University.
  40. Attended two day workshop on “SCILAB and MAXIMA (FOSS) “ on 9th and 10th January 2015 at Maharani Lakshmi Ammani College for Women.
  41. Attended two day workshop on “SCILAB PROGRAMMING” on 15th and 16th December 2014 held at BMSIT, Bangalore
  42. Attended workshop on “TABACCO CESSATION COUNSELLING” ON 19TH Feb 2014 organized by tobacco cessation center,Dept. of oral medicine and radiology, M.S Ramaiah dental college and hospital.
  43. Attended National workshop on “Vedic Mathematics (NWVM-2014)” on 25th January 2014 conducted by Dept. of Mathematics, JNTUA college of engineering, Ananthapur, A.P
  44. Attended one day symposium on “Indian Mathematics and Astronomy”, on 26th August 2013 held at MSRCASC.
  45. Attended one day symposium on, “Ramanujan’s Mathematics”, on 15th June 2009 organized by Dept. of Mathematics, Bangalore University.

Webinars  Attended

  1. Participated In national webinar on the theme “NUTRITION AND WOMEN HEALTH” on 13th September 2021 organized by Women Cell, MSRCASC, Bangalore..
  2. Participated In one day national seminar on “Safety and Health at Work” on 28th April 2021 organized by Equal Opportunity Cell, MSRCASC, Bangalore..
  3. Participated in national seminar on “Health for all through Ayurveda - The Science of Life” on 7th April 2021 organized on World Health Day by Department of Chemistry /Biochemistry,MSRCASC, Bangalore.
  4. Participated in one day webinar on “Establishing a Nexus Among IPR - Pedagogy – Competition” on 29th August, 2020 organized by Centre for Post Graduate Studies, Sindhi College, Hebbal, Bengaluru.
  5. Participated in 2 days International webinar on “Fluid dynamics and its applications” on 28th -29th May 2020 organized by GFGC, Bangalore.
  6. Participated in one day International webinar on “ Data visualization using tableau” on 27th June 2020 organized by ST.Xavier’s college .
  7. Participated in one day National webinar on” The impact of quantum computing on cryptography” on 30th May 2020 organized by SrinivasaRamanujan Institute of Technology ,A.P.
  8. Participated in one day webinar on “ Recent Advances in Graph Theory” on 30th May 2020 organized by T.G.P Science college,Jamkhandi.
  9. Participated in two days’ webinar on “CSIR Problems solving Techniques in Algebra and Analysis “ on 17thand 18th June 2020 organized by St.Joseph’s College ,Thamilnadu.
  10. Participated in 1 day national level webinar on “Fluid Mechanics” on 27th June 2020 organized by St.Francis College,Bangalore.
  11. Participated in national level webinar on “Differential Equations Approach in Mathematical Modelling” on 10th June 2020 organized by GFGC & PG Centre ,Chintamani, Bangalore.
  12. Participated in one day national level webinar on “Significance of Discrete Structures through some Graph Models” on 23rd June 2020 organized by Sri. Kuvempu First Grade College and PG Centre, Ramanagara,Karnataka.
  13. Participated in one day webinar on “ Basic Author workshop Research Article Writing & Reference Management using Mendeley” on 22nd June 2020 organized by Annamalai University .
  14. Participated in one day webinar on “Application of Mathematics “ on 13th May 2020 organized by APS College,Bangalore.
  15. Participated in one day webinar on “Importance of Mathematics for Engineering Aspirants “ on 22nd may 2020 organized by AMRITA School of Engineering.

As a Coordinator / Organizer

  1. Organized one day workshop on “Analyzing Techniques of Mathematics Practical using FOSS” on 30/07/2019.
  2. Organized “GANITHA UTSAV” on 07/03/2020.
  3. Organised Out reach (Social Service) Program on 23rd February 2019 at Geetha Ashrama, Vijayanagar, Bangalore.
  4. Organised Interdisciplinary activity to 1st year BBA non-mathematics students on 26th February 2019 by Mr.Pattabi Reddy, SLR Academy, Bangalore.
  5. Organised Value added course on Vedic Mathematics for B.Sc(EMCs) students on 11th – 14th March 2019 by Dr.Y.S.Gayathree.
  6. Organised Industrial visit for B.Sc(EMCs) students to IISC on 23rd March 2019.
  7. Conducted Interclass competition(Pot pourri, Test of reasoning) for B.Sc(EMCs) and BCA students on 22nd March 2019.
  8. Organized Two Day Workshop on “Scilab and Maxima Programming “ on 9th and 10TH July 2018 for I year students.
  9. Organized Guest Lecture on “ Applications of Partial Differential Equations” on 17th Apil 2018.
  10. Coordinator – National Science Day Celebration
  11. Coordinator-Internal Exam Committee
  12. Organized one day workshop on “ Scilab Programming “ on 13th july 2017 for I year B.Sc(EMCs) students.
  13. Organized one day workshop on “ Scilab Programming “ on 20th july 2016 for I year B.Sc.(EMCs) students.