About the Course:

The PG course M.Com is started in 2019. As of now, total strength of the course is 37 students. The department carries the pride of well qualified and experienced teachers. The department organizes many guest lectures, workshops, seminars and value added courses, FDP’s for students and teachers development.

The objective of M.Com Course is to impart professional education and training in various aspects of business and its environment and provide them with opportunities to develop analytical skills in order to meet the challenges of business at the national and global level. The course aims to sharpen skills in finance and enables to examine financial decisions critically based on strong financial literacy. The course provides a well balanced toolbox, helping a candidate to combine tools, techniques and professional judgment on cutting edge topics. The course provides a mixed pedagogy associating practical cases and experience by providing new dimensions to the finance topics.

  1. Experienced and qualified faculties in their respective areas of specialization
  2. Student centric teaching-learning evaluation
  3. Comparatively our department possess more student strength in terms of number
  4. Remedial classes are organized at the end of every semester to improve learning capacity of slow learners
  5. Advanced coaching for centum scoring
  6. Skill development and soft skills programs for students