Library Timing Monday To Friday 8.20 am to 5.30 pm
Saturday 8.20 am to 2.30 pm
Circulation Timing Monday To Friday 9.30 am to 4.30 pm
Saturday 9.30 am to 1.30 pm

Circulation of Materials:

Users may borrow books and non-books (non-books include journals, magazines, newspaper, bound volumes, compact disks and project report) during working hours at the library circulation counter. PG Students may borrow three books and UG Students may borrow two books and Book Bank Student (SC/ST Student) may borrow four books in their name. The books are issued for students maximum twenty days and two times renewals and teaching staff may borrow ten books and non-teaching staff may borrow five books. The books are issued for staff one month.

The Library materials in certain advertised categories may not be issued without special permission of the Librarian as following:

  • Unbound Parts/Current Issues of Journals.
  • Hand Books.
  • Dictionaries.
  • Reference Books.
  • Project Reports.

Fine will be charged on late return of books.

Issued items from the library may not be taken outstation unless special permission is given.

Students should deposit their borrowed card in the library before they go on leave.

Loss and Defacement of Books and Non-Books;

The Cost of replacement with double amount along with the fine will be charged to the person for loss or damage the library materials. Any student if determined to have defaced or damaged any library item intentionally will have his/her library privileges revoked for a period of time determined by the Library Committee.

Students must take care of Library Materials and must not deface then by underlining, writing or drawing in them by removing any part of them, or in any other way.

Weed out Policy:

Weeding is the ongoing evaluation of the library collection with a view to removing those items which are no longer useful to library users.

Code of conduct:

  • Keep your belongings in property counter
  • Scan your college ID Card for Log Entry
  • Borrowing materials without a valid identity card number is prohibited.
  • Not permitted to use another Identity Card.
  • Do not reshelf Books, Periodicals etc., leave them on the tables properly after use.
  • Talking is strictly prohibited in the Library.
  • Food or Drink is not allowed in the Library.
  • Making Noise, Spitting are strictly prohibited.
  • Reference Books are meant for Reading in Library only.
  • Student shall take care of their Personal belongings if anything loss, Library is not Responsible.
  • Laptop if used in the library must have their own cable connector.
  • Mobile phones are to be set in the “OFF” or “VIBRATOR” mode prior to entering the Library.