A syllabus is a document to provide students with an overview of a college course. The syllabus is a key to success. Use the syllabus as a time tool and put every important date in your planner right away.


Syllabus Functions

The syllabus can serve a wide variety of functions that will support and challenge students as they engage in their educational activities. Some are,

  1. Establishes an Early Point of Contact and connection Between Student and Instructor.
  2. Helps Set the Tone for Your Course.
  3. Describes Your Beliefs About Educational Purposes.
  4. Acquaints Students with the Logistics of the Course.
  5. Defines Student Responsibilities for Successful Course Work.
  6. Helps Students to Assess Their Readiness for Your Course What are the prerequisites.
  7. Sets the Course in a Broader Context for Learning.
  8. Can Expand to Provide Difficult-to-Obtain Reading Materials.
  9. Can Improve the Effectiveness of Student Note Taking.
  10. Can Include Material that Supports Learning Outside the Classroom
  11. Can Serve as a Learning Contract.

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