Name: Prof. Vijayalaxmi Ramesh
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification:  M.Sc., M.Phil.
Year of Joining:  2022
Work Experience: 30 Years


Addiction of students through usage of smart phone and its impact on Human Resources in INDIA: A Preliminary Survey.

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  • International Conference on Recent Advances in Science, Technology, Engineering and Management 29th to30th April 2022 Organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering BRINDAVAN COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING.
  • National level “Thakur awards for excellence” for the recognition of outstanding contributions in the field of academics as excellent Vice principal on March 2022
  • “National Education excellence achiever’s award” for the recognition of excellence in educational field as selected by Navabharath Rastriya Gyanpeet, Pune, Maharashtra on Mar 2022
  • Outstanding Women Educator award in 2021 on international women’s day by National foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED). Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India
  • India’s Top 50 Women Leaders in education Industry for the year 2020. By the Academy council of uLektz. India
  • Email: Email:Vijayalaxmi_mgt@msrcasc,
    IQAC Cordinator
    Student welfare Officer
    Department of MBA
    MS Ramaiah College of Arts Science and Commerce
    Bangalore 560054, India
  • Phone: +91 9880215133