In a spirited celebration of World Environment Day, students and faculty members at Ramaiah College of Arts, Science, and Commerce came together to inaugurate their Nature Club, and organize a series of engaging events and competitions throughout the week. This initiative aimed to promote environmental awareness and inspire sustainable actions within the college community.

These lectures were delivered by invited resource persons from environmental conservation-based organizations. Since the speakers are from the industry, students got a chance to understand the ground realities of various aspects of environmental studies.

The first session was held on June 30, 2023, Friday. The speaker was Mr. Avinash Krishnan, from A Rocha, an NGO involved in mitigation measures to reduce human-wildlife conflict in Bannerghatta National Park. As the Director of Conservation Science and CEO at A Rocha India on a full-time basis. In this role, he leads scientific projects and heads the institution, providing support for a variety of conservation initiatives.He has pioneered the use of camera traps to study small mammal diversity at Bannerghatta National Park.

The second session was held on July 7, 2023, Friday. The speaker was Mr. Srinivas GV from ReAP who has been instrumental in providing alternative energy sources to the forest department, village panchayats and others- creating a safe environment and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

The final session was held on July 14, 2023, Friday. The speaker was Ms. Savita Hiremath, journalist, author and founder of Endlessly Green: SWM Solutions which designs and manufactures home and large-scale composting solutions and specializes in organic gardening essentials.

All the lectures delivered played an instrumental role in fostering new perspectives amongst students. They also helped in providing scope for understanding real-world scenarios in various aspects of environmental studies.