Seminar in Association with Institution Innovation Council

Title:   Technology Driven Entrepreneurship
Date of the event:   11th May 2023
Venue:  APJ Abdul Kalam Auditorium
Participants:  III Year BCA, BBA, MBA students of MSRCASC
Resource Person:  Mr. Kunnwar Vijay Parmar, CEO & Founder of Wivitan Solution India Pvt Ltd,
Event coordinator:  Shaik Valli Haseena
Number of people attended:   120

A One Day Seminar on “Technology Driven Entrepreneurship” was arranged for the final Year B.C.A, B.B.A, M.B.A. students in the APJ Abdul Kalam Auditorium by Department of Computer Science in Association with Institution Innovation Council. The resource person was Mr. Kunnwar Vijay Parmar, CEO & Founder of Wivitan Solution India Pvt. Ltd and

The session was hosted by Event coordinator Ms. Shaik Valli Haseena. The programme started with Ramaiah Anthem, followed by a prayer song and lighting the lamp of knowledge.

A brief introduction of the guest was given along with his Dr. Poornima G. In her presidential address, Dr. Vatsala G principal of MSRCASC. Spoke about entrepreneurship and its importance. She addressed students about opportunities available in Ramaiah in association with Institution Innovation Council.

Later session was handed over to speaker of the day, he started by interacting with the students on the question “What is Technology?”. he briefly gave explanation about “Project Kali”, and interacted with students about “Operation shakti 1998” and about Artificial Intelligence which is important in the present world.

He then gave examples of Entrepreneurship with the help of giving real examples like EV Tesla, Air BNB, Paytm etc. He went on to discuss the advancements in Technology, and how technology is important in this world and pros and cons of technology, challenges that could be faced during entrepreneurship and how to overcome and work on it.

With so much information delivered to the students, it obviously gave rise to many queries in the minds of the students which the speaker was happy to clarify. The Q&A Session was followed with a vote of thanks by Mr Bharath C. The session was focused on motivating the students toward entrepreneurship through the life story of our successful entrepreneur, Mr.Parmar. he shared his experience how he builds a product “Game Box”.

As a part of honouring the guest of the day a memento was presented by Dr. Prathibha Kalburgi, HOD of Computer Science department. The session ended with taking group photo with guest and participants.