• Qualifications: MA in Public Administration & Political Science
  • Designation: Part time Faculty
  • Department: Political Science

Presented paper presentation in International seminars, National seminars and State seminars.

International seminar:
  1. ” State and Labour in India: A Critical Analysis”. At Christ University.
  2. ” Higher education in India: an overview.
National seminars:

10 International Multidisciplinary Conference and published in Journal.

  1. ” An Assessment on the Development Process and Democracy”. At Bangalore University and published in UGC Journal.
  2. ” An overview on the Role of NGOS in Social Transformation”, at Vidyavardaka college of Law, Mysur.
  3. “An assessment on Women’s constitutional Rights”, at RV College of law, Bangalore
State Seminar:
  1. Human rights in India: an analysis