Mobile Application Development Workshop

Date:   02/02/2023
Time:   9:30am onwards
Venue:   Computer lab 2
Resource Person:   Mr. Aurangjeb Khan (Assistant Professor) CMR University,Bangalore
Participants:   65 students
Coordinator:   Mrs.Shilpa Nayak (Assistant Professor) Dept. of CS,MSRCASC

Objective of the program:  Enable students to create dynamic user interfaces for mobile apps.


The “Mobile Application Development” workshop was conducted on 2nd February 2023 by Mr. Aurangjeb Khan, at Ms Ramaiah College Of Arts Science & Commerce. The workshop was designed to help students to create dynamic interfaces for web applications. Around 60 participants from the department of BCA attended the workshop.

Background Information

Mobile app development is rapidly growing in many organizations across industries. The workshop is aimed to help the students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to build a mobile application with emerging technologies.


The main objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Practical experience of creating a mobile application
  • Installing and running a webpage for the app using 2 types of codes
  • Creating own applications on AVD
  • Designing the application


The workshop consisted of a combination of presentations, discussions and hands on experience for designing a mobile application. Students worked individually and in teams on their systems to install and run AVD (Android Virtual Design) in session 1 and designing of the application using Java and XML code was done in the second session. Steps of downloading Android Studio, choosing the version of android accordingly were taught and executed. During the installation process, there was a discussion on the types of Mobile Applications- Native, Hybrid and Web. Native application development was being carried out.
Software and the emulator installation was done, after which AVD’s creation to build a potential application that could be on the PlayStore.

Different platforms of Operating Systems, it’s platforms and Android Versions history (upto the latest existing version) were conceptualised.

Designing of Applications using XML and Java programming languages was introduced. Relevant usage of the codes were done, based on the layout and overall design of the application.

The workshop facilitator also discussed about data persistence, for real time applications.


The workshop was well received and taught basics of building a mobile application using Android Studio. Discussions on OHA (Open Handset Alliance) Smartphone Platform market share and Categories/Areas of designing applications were held. A practical experience of Native Android Application Development was achieved.


The workshop provided a valuable opportunity for participants to learn about the working of mobile application development, it’s implementation and how it’s designed with the help of front end and back end coding.