Event Name:   Fundamental Duties
Date of the Event:   25/11/2022
Event Co-ordinator    Kruthi V P
Number of Faculty Attended:  139
Objective:  To help promote a spirit of patriotism and to uphold the unity of India.

The guest lecture was presented by speaker Dr. Vani K G, Assistant professor, (Sr.Scale) of Ramaiah College of Law. In the lecture, the speaker gave a brief introduction to the emergency declared in 1975 by Indira Gandhi, which gave birth to fundamental duties of the citizens of India.

As the lecture advanced, knowledge about each fundamental duty was explained, and when they were amended into the constitution of India. She quoted” P.V.Karne’s comment on how the Indian government was blindly following the western governance affected by the British rule”.

The Article 51 (a) contains the 11 fundamental duties of the citizens of India. At the beginning there were 6 duties which were increased by 4 more duties and finally we have the last one added according to the 86th Amendment Act. The criticisms against the fundamental duties were also explained such as:Vague ideas, fundamental duties not justiciable through the court of Law, few duties that was not mentioned ( example: paying taxes, duty to vote, ensure we follow and practice family planning programme). The speaker said that The fundamental duties are only applicable to the citizens of India where as the fundamental rights are applicable to all the citizens of India and the foreigners.

Outcome:  The seminar was interactive, interesting and while enjoying their rights, the citizens should also be conscious of the duties they owe to their country, society and their fellow citizens.