Name:  Dr Muktha H
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: MSc, B.Ed., PhD
Work Experience: 8.3 years


“Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Pharmacological activities of C- dot Nanoparticles”. Synthesized C-dot Nanoparticles from Biogenic (Organic Bio-waste) and Chemogenic Sources, carried out the Characterization of Nanoparticles using various Analytical instruments, Evaluated Antibacterial activity of Nanoparticles Against Clinical Isolates and invitro Cytotoxic Activity of Nanoparticles against cancer cell lines and the invivo Wound healing activity on different wound models.

  • Muktha H1*, Sowbhagya R1, Annesha Roy1, Harshitha Raj I B1, Amulya M D1, Radha Dayanidhi1, Ramakrishnaiah T N1, Surendra A S2, “Green synthesis of nanoparticles from Catharanthus roseus” – Elsevier, Book Chapter 13: Nanotechnology and Insilico tools, 7.00008-3, 2023.
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Patent title: “Novel carbon dots derived Beta vulgaris as potential anticancer and antioxidant agents”; Patent App No -202241030127A, applied on 26.05.2022, Published on :3.06.2022

  • Green synthesis, characterization and study of biological applications of BaSO4 Nanoparticles.
  • Biosynthesis of Carbon Dots from medicinal plants and evaluating its therapeutical applicatio
  • Green synthesis of copper oxide Nanoparticles and study its biological applications
  • Synthesis, Characterization and study of pharmaceutical applications of graphitic carbon nitrides.
  • Effects of sugar substitutes during embryonic development of zebrafish and establishment of allogenic beta cells”
  • Acute ethanol exposure on early - embryonic development of zebrafish- Experimental method” “Identifying the gene interactions for FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) - In-silico method”
  • Polyherbal formulations for treating malignancy growth of tumour using clonogenic assay
  • Effects of pro-anti-inflammatory signals on wound healing and Exosomes enriched with factors promoting wound healing
Contribution to Development of institution
  • Organized and a Resource person for the Value-added programme on “Study of basic techniques in Animal Cell Culture” from 14 th to 19 th November 2022 for UG (V Sem BT & Gen) students under DBT star Scheme.
  • Organized and a Resource person for the Value-added programme on “Hands on Training on Animal Cell Culture” from 12th to 22nd September 2022 for II Sem MSc (BT) students.
  • Assisted NSS students for kaiwara visit for four days for visiting adopted government schools
  • Resource person for the KSCST organized Faculty development programme for Government PU lecturers


  • Attended 5days FDP at RIIBS on “Assessment and Accreditation Framework of NAAC” on 7-11th Feb 2022
  • Attended Workshop on Bhagavad-Gita on 9.02.2022
  • Attended Webinar on “ART OF WRITING RESEARCH GRANT PROPOSAL” 19.02.2022
  • Attended VGST, Govt of Karnataka, Sponsored Online Faculty Development Programme on “Recent Developments in Advanced Materials Processing Techniques and Characterization” on 21- 25th Feb
  • Attended seminar on “INSIGHTS OF MOLECULAR MECHANISM ANDTHERAPEUTIC STRATEGIES” organized by the the Department of Biotechnology and Genetics (an IQAC initiative) on 8 to 12 March 2022.
  • Attended FDP on “Program outcomes Course outcomes (PO-CO) Mapping and Attainment” on 29th April 2023
  • Attended FDP on “Emotional Intelligence on 20th October 2022
  • Attended FDP on “Application of Statistical Techniques in Research & writing Research proposal” on 6th October 2022
  • “Nanomaterials over conventional antibiotics - A Comparative study” presented in International Conference on green and clean technologies in chemical Engineering and biotechnology. 2014 (ICGCT-2014) 14 - 15th February, 2014. SIT, Tumkur
  • Synthesis and utilization of metal oxide nanoparticles for wound healing” presented in National conference on Recent Advances, Career prospects and Entrepreneurial opportunities in biotechnology and bioengineering (Abhyudaya 2014) 24 -28th March 2014. SMVIT, Bangalore
  • “Biosynthesis of Carbon dots and a study of their pharmacological activities” National Conference om 28.03.2022 in Kuvempu university.
  • “Carbon Quantum Dots – The Future of Theranostics” Paper presented at International Virtual conference at Kristu Jayanthi (ICEPB) on 1-04-2022 & 2-04-2022
  • “Exploring the Green synthesis of Copper oxide Nanoparticles for Antibacterial activity” presented at International Conference on Green chemistry Solutions for Sustainable Future (ICGCSSF 2023) on September 20- 22nd 2023 at GITAM, Bangalore.
  • Academic member - IQAC Criterion 7 in charge (NAAC)
  • In- charge of Animal Cell culture lab
  • Cultural committee Co ordinator
  • Women cell member
  • BoE member at various autonomus colleges
  • Email:
    Department of Biotechnology & Genetics
    M.S Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce
    Bangalore - 560054, India
  • Office: +91 - 80236-00966