Name:  Dr. Geetika Pant
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification:  M.Sc., Ph.D
Year of Joining:  2019
Work Experience: 18 Years


"Induction and analysis of Heat Shock Proteins in Cassia spp. (Cassia auriculata L and Cassia tora L) – The main objective of the study was to induce the abiotic stresses for the Cassia spp. and to analyze the effect of these stresses at the molecular level with the expression of heat shock proteins."


Authored a text book on General Microbiology paper I-for BSc under NEP syllabus 2020 proposed by BCU and other universities- ISBN 978-93-5840-787-7 Himalaya Publishing House (National)

Book Chapter

Published a BOOK CHAPTER entitled “Effect of Nutrients and Herbal supplements in the treatment of OCD” for the Book-Nutrient and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. eBook ISBN 9781003387893 TAYLOR & FRANCIS PUBLICATIONS (International)

  • Geetika Pant, Vigneswaran J, Muthu Kumar S A , Shafras M (2021), An insight into alzheimer’s disease and its on-setting novel genes. Egypt J Neurol Psychiatry Neurosurg, 57, article no.160.
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Plant Biotechnology

  • Received a 45th Series Students Project Grant from KSCST (2021-2022) entitled “Extraction and characterization of refined oil from tasar silkworm pupae (Antheraea mylitta Drury): a boon to commercial industries.”
  • Received a 44th Series Students Project Grant from KSCST (2020-2021) entitled “Implementation of tasar silkworm pupae (antheraea mylitta drury) as an alternative new source of dietary protein for animal feed.”
  • Received a 43rd Series Students Project Grant from KSCST (2020) entitled “Utilization of Tasar Pupae (Antheraeamylitta) for biodiesel production: An alternative and green approach”.
  • Published a conference abstract entitled “Exploring egg shell derived catalyst and waste cooking oil for biodiesel production: canteen waste to clean energy” in an International Conference on Green Chemistry solutions for sustainable future 2023 at GITAM university on Sep 20-22, 2023. Students bagged BEST POSTER AWARD for the same.
  • October 24-26,2019 presented paper in Ist International conference on “Life, chemical and Health sciences (ICLCHS)” organised by Department of Life sciences, Ramaiah college of arts, science and commerce in collaboration with KSTA, Department of IT, BT and Science & Technology, Govt. of Karnataka.
  • October 2017 – Presented a paper on “An exploratory field survey of 12 lakes of Bangalore, Karnataka, India” at the “3rd World Congress on Climate Change and Global Warming” held in Dubai, UAE.
  • September 2017 – Presented a paper on “Importance of Eco-criticism in Understanding our Relationship with Nature” at Contemporary Musings on Literatures of World organized by the Department of English, IADC-Autonomous, Bangalore.
  • September 2017 – Presented a paper on “Folklore of Kumaon: The Land of Dev Bhoomi” at Contemporary Musings on Literatures of World organized by the Department of English, IADC-Autonomous, Bangalore.
  • March 2015 – Presented a paper entitled “In-Vitro anti-cancer activity of isoflavones in cancer cells, at UGC sponsored National Conference, Bangalore.
  • May 30-31, 2020- Attended an online International Conference on “Impact of natural Bioactive compounds for the treatment of Covid-19 Diagnostic Challenges and Futuristic Perspectives” organized by Hericure HealthCare Pvt. Ltd, Pune and University of KwazuluNatal, Durban- South Africa.
  • June 22-26, 2020- attended an FDP entitled “Effective usages of educational technology in Teaching-learning process as a part of NBA accreditation” organized by Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore.
  • September 21, 2019- attended the one-day FDP on “E-Resource and Digital Content” conducted by Library and Information centre in association with IQAC.
  • February 2018-Attended a state level Faculty Development Programme “GNAN” at Sacred Heart Girls First Grade College, Bangalore.
  • August 2017 – Participated in ‘SRUJANA’ Annual faculty Development Programme organised by IADC, Bangalore.
  • April 2016 – Attended a National Conference on” Challenges and Opportunities in Quality production of Pomegranate” at Maharashtra.
  • February 2015 – Presented a poster in UGC sponsored National Conference “Phytochemicals and Functional foods: Current situation and Future Prospects” at Mysore.
  • April 2014 – Attended a National Seminar on” Higher Education Transformation in India: Changing Contexts and Institutional Responses” at Bangalore University, Bangalore.
  • February 2014 – Participated in an International Seminar on “Sandal Wood: Current Trends and Future Prospects” organized by Institute of Wood science and Technology (IWST), Bangalore.
  • December 2012 – Attended a UGC sponsored National workshop on “Basic techniques in Isolation, purification and characterization of Proteins” Organized by JSS COLLEGE OF ARTS, COMMERCE AND SCIENCE, Mysore.
  • January 2012 – Participated in a Workshop For “Undergraduate Biology Teachers” Organized by IISER, DST, INSPIRE at MES AG College, Pune.
  • September 2011 – Attended a 2 Day Practical Program in UGC Sponsored National level workshop on “Molecular Markers” Organized by the Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology at St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore.
  • March 2009 – Participated in a 2-day UGC sponsored Workshop entitled “Analysis of Restriction Sites using Molecular Biology Techniques” organized by Department of Biotechnology at S.S.M.R.V. Degree College, Bangalore.
  • August 2010 – Attended a National seminar on “Quality Management in Higher Education” and presented a Paper entitled “Teaching methodologies in Higher Education” at IADC, Bangalore.
  • Recognized for a phenomenal and worthy oral presentation on An exploratory field survey of 12 lakes of Bangalore, Karnataka, India at the 3rd World Congress on Climate Change and Global Warming held in Dubai, October 2017.
  • Selected for attending a National Workshop for Undergraduate Biology Teachers sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, INSPIRE and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune. India. January 2012.
  • Awarded Gold Medal for securing highest ranking during the Masters in Biotechnology, from APS University, Rewa (Madhya Pradesh), October 2000.
  • Email:
    Department of Biotechnology & Genetics
    M.S Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce
    Bangalore - 560054, India