1. Mindsparks- 2023

The department of humanities organised a psychology fest to bring awareness about various mental health issues using fun paper-pen tests. Many exciting activities were organised exclusively for the students and staff to learn about different topics related to psychology.

The feedback received was positive and students had a great time emblazoning their passion.

2. Student film festival-2022

Under25 along with the department of humanities hosted a student film festival for all the film enthusiasts to dive deep into the working of the industry. Celebrities like Varsha Bollamma , Vineet Beep Kumar and Deepak Reddy were invited to the event. An experience zone was organised to keep the attendees entertained throughout the festival.

3. Mock parliament-2022

The department of humanities organised mock parliament for the students to understand the parliamentary procedure. To develop in students an insight into the working of a parliament.

4. National youth parliament-2023

The department of humanities with the approval of ministry of parliamentary affairs, government of India organised national youth parliament in the campus for all students. It provided a common platform and foster for a healthy discussion on political reforms, parliamentary activities, policymaking, education and employment.

5. Photophile-2022

The department celebrates the art of photography every year by conducting a photography fest. The fest features photographs clicked by students and teachers and provides a platform for photographers of all levels to showcase their skills and creativity.

Certificates and prizes were given for best pictures in various different categories.

6. Student elections 2023

Student elections in the department is an opportunity for students to exercise their right to vote and choose their representatives. The elections are a platform for students to showcase their leadership skills, communication abilities and vision for the department.

The winners of the election become the senior head boy and head girl, and junior head boy and head girl.

The department believes in conducting student election every academic year.

7. Bookworm visit-2022

A visit to bookworm (a book store in Bengaluru) was arranged for the students to explore the world of books, knowledge and learning. The visit provided students with access to a vast collection of books, journals and other resources. The session was a part of a series of meetings organized by “the book sitters club” the book club of the department, established in the year 2022.

It was a great way to enhance students’ academic and personal growth.

8. Elocution competition-2022

An elocution competition is a platform for students to showcase their public speaking skills, confidence and creativity. The competition involved delivering a speech on the topic “Gandhian thought”. The competition provided an opportunity for students to develop their oratory skills and gain valuable experience.

9. Journalism Day 2023

Journalism day was celebrated in the department by hosting a guest lectures by Ms Jahnavi t r – city beat reporter from The Hindu. The guest lecture by a fresh and energetic journalist provided an opportunity for students to learn about the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in journalism.

10. Workshop on networking:

The department also organized a workshop on network building in December 2022. The guest lecture was presented by Mr S Mohammed Ashraque, business development executive from alliance university. The workshop allowed the students to get a glimpse of the corporate sector and the importance of networking and contact building.