Name: Dr Bhanupriya Ch
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification:  MSc., Ph.D
Year of Joining:  2022
Work Experience:  06 years
Subject Specialization:  Molecular Biology, Metabolic engineering, Plant tissue culture, Immunology and Structural Biology


This study primarily explores the potential of RNA interference mechanisms to downregulate the genes responsible for secondary cell wall components in various monocots. The secondary cell wall components are known for their stiffness and strength, which make them difficult to extract and utilize in biofuel production. However, reducing their amount makes it easier to extract the carbohydrate components that can be blended with other materials to encourage their use in biofuel production. This study's findings could pave the way for more efficient and sustainable biofuel production in the future.

  • Ch.Bhanupriya, B Kiran Kumar (2023). In Silico molecular interactive screening of Anti-Coagulants from Bioactive polyphenolic compounds from seaweeds, REVA University in Collaboration with Indian Association of Applied Microbiologists, Bengaluru.
  • Ch.Bhanupriya, Satarupa kar, S.K.Sen, A.Basu. (2012). Down-regulation of lignin biosynthetic pathway in Sorghum bicolor. Current Trends in Secondary Plant Metabolite Research, pp. 38. In: UGC-SAP National seminar, New Delhi.
  • Ch.Bhanupriya, S.K.Sen, A.Basu. (2013). RNA-interference mediated downregulation of 4-Coumarate CoA: ligase gene in Sorghum bicolor in order to reduce lignin content. Plant tissue culture and Biotechnology, pp. 120. In: National symposium on plant tissue culture and biotechnology for food and nutritional security. Mysore
  • Ch. Bhanupriya, Asitava Basu (2018). RNA-interference mediated metabolic engineered down-regulation of 4-Coumarate CoA: ligase gene in Sorghum bicolor in order to reduce lignin content, National research scholars meet, ACTREC, Navi Mumbai.
  • Workshop of “Hands-on training in MS-based proteomics: Concepts, Data analysis and visualization” held at IIT Bombay on 15th – 21st November 2020 (National level).
  • Conference “Trends in healthcare innovations in India” held at National academy of Sciences ICMR – NIRRH on 29th Feb – 1 st March 2020 (National level).
  • Workshop of “Hands-on training on molecular and immunological diagnostic techniques” held at Lady TATA Memorial Trust - NIRRH – KC College 10th – 12th July 2019 (National level).
  • Oral presentation 14th National Research Scholars meet held at Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer, Navi Mumbai on 3rd – 4 th December 2018.
  • Poster presentation XXXIV Annual meeting of PTCAI Plant Tissue Culture Association of India held at CFTRI Mysore on 11th – 13th March 2013.
  • Oral presentation Current trends in secondary plant metabolite research University grant commission – Self assistantship programme, held at Jamia Hamdard University New Delhi on 19th – 20th March 2012.
  • Faculty development programme "MANAGING ONLINE CLASSES AND CO-CREATING MOOCS 3.0 offered by TLC, Ramanujan College University of Delhi under the aegis of MHRD and PMMMNMTT for 2 weeks, secured an “A” grade.
  • Induction Programme for "Faculty in Universities/Colleges/Institutes of Higher Education" offered by TLC, Ramanujan College University of Delhi under the aegis of MHRD and PMMMNMTT, for a period of 4 weeks, secured “A+” grade.
  • AICTE approved the faculty development program “An Introduction to Proteomics” conducted by SWAYAM-NPTEL IIT BOMBAY for 8 weeks and secured an ELITE certificate.
  • AICTE approved the Faculty development program “Functional genomics” conducted by SWAYAM-NPTEL IIT KANPUR for 4 weeks and secured a SILVER ELITE certificate.
  • AICTE approved the Faculty development program “Introduction to Protein Chemistry” conducted by SWAYAM-NPTEL IIT KHARAGPUR for 12 weeks and secured an ELITE certificate
  • AICTE approved the Faculty development program “Experimental Biotechnology” conducted by SWAYAM-NPTEL IIT Guwahati for 12 weeks, secured an ELITE certificate
  • Qualified Junior research fellow at SRIC IIT Kharagpur, Project sponsored by NFCL Hyderabad.
  • Awarded Senior research fellow sponsored by the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • Qualified entrance examination for master’s in microbiology, conducted by Andhra University with a rank of 283.
  • Awarded best outgoing student in Zoology, 3rd year B.Sc
  • Email:
    Department of Microbiology
    M.S Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce
    Bangalore - 560054, India
  • Office: 080-23608597