Department of Computer science

Title:    Workshop on Cyber Security
Date of the event:   06/11/2023 to 07/11/2023
Timings:   9:30AM to 12:30 PM Venue:   Computer Lab
Participants:  BCA, BSC-EMCS Final Year Students
Resource Person:  Mr. Suhas .M, Trainer Dubai
Event coordinator:  Mrs. Haripriya GS
Number of students:   83

Computer science department has organized workshop on “Cyber Security” for BCA, BSC- EMCS final year students on 6th November 2023 to 7th November 2023. The Resource person was Mr. Suhas . M, Cyber Security Trainer, Dubai. Program has formally inaugurated by Dr. Poornima D, HOD , Department of Computer Science on 6th Nov 2023 . 83 students from BCA and B.Sc final year participated in the program.

Mrs. Hari Priya G S, Assistance professor, Department of computer Science has introduced the resource person and the session has been taken over by the resource person.

First day 6th November 2023 he explained what is cyber security importance of the data security and their issues. Why data has to be secured very strongly. He gave guidelines to enter the field of cyber security. What are the softwares and operating systems will be used.What are the courses students can do on cyber security and how to get the certifications. Students were very interactive in the program to know about the data security./p>

Second day on 07th November 2023 started the session and gave the hands on experience how to access the data over the wire using different levels and ways. He showed 12 levels of hacking of data. Students enjoyed the workshop by accessing the data of SSH private server practically in different levels.

Shaik Haseena Valli has given the vote of thanks and concluded the session