Anti - Microbial Resistance and Drug Discovery

Title:     Microfest-2k23 on the theme “Antimicrobial Resistance and Drug Discovery”
Dates:    9th to 25th January 2023
Venue:   4th Floor, Microbiology Laboratories, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Auditorium
Participants:  BSc and MSc Students
No. of Students:  386 Participants on 25th January 2023
No. of Participants for different events :  230

Objective: To ignite awareness about recent trends in the area of Microbiology and to encourage experiential and participative learning among students. Microfest is an annual event that is conducted by the department of Microbiology to encourage the co-curricular activities and participative learning of the students, thereby enhancing their knowledge about the subject. Microfest 2k23 was organised by the Dept of Microbiology, M S Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce. Various events were conducted as part of Microfest from 9th to 25th of January.


Students showed great enthusiasm in participation and made the event a grand success. Overall, 230 participants took part various events.

Several students volunteered to conduct the events in a systematic manner, as guided by the faculty members of the department. Several committees were formed to look after the organisation of the Microfest, such as Registration committee, Event committees, Discipline committee, Certification committee and many more. Each committee was thoroughly guided by the respective faculty incharges.

Mrs. Soumya Shanbhag (Assistant prof.) and Dr. Vemula Vani (Associate prof.), Department of Microbiology were the coordinators of the Microfest-2k23.

The fest was inaugurated on 9th January 2023 by the Principal, Dr. Vatsala G. and Vice- Principals Dr. Pushpa H and Prof. Jayarama. Microfest 2K23 commenced with the events, Bio Rangoli and Just a Minute (JAM) on 9th of January 2023. The faculty in charge for Bio were Dr. Snehalata V (associate prof.) and Dr. Akshatha (assistant prof.), Department of microbiology. Twenty four teams participated in Bio Rangoli, and the event was judged by Dr. Jayashree (professor) (dept. of biotechnology/genetics) and Mrs. Malini (assistant prof., dept.

The faculty in charge for Just a Minute (JAM) was Dr. Nimitha V (Assistant prof., dept. of microbiology). Eleven participants took part and the event was judged by Dr. Vasanth Kumar and Dr. Shashidhar Bharadwaj (Assistant professors, Dept of Chemistry/Biochemistry). On the following day (10th January), events organised were Heads up and Face Painting. Twenty six teams participated in Heads up and the event was judged by the Dr. Ashok Kumar (Assistant professor, Dept. of Microbiology). The in charge for Face Painting was Dr. Bhanupriya (Assistant professor, Dept of Microbiology). Thirteen teams participated in the competition, and the event was judged by Ms. Kruthi V P and Srivaideshwari S (Assistant professors, Dept. of Commerce).

On 20th of January, the department conducted Petri Art competition. There was a colourful exhibition of petri arts put forward by the students. The coordinator for the event was Dr. Yogesh D (Assistant prof., Dept of Microbiology). Thirty five teams took part in the competition, and Dr. Shalini (faculty of Ramaiah Medical College) was invited to judge the competition.

On 21st of January, Model Making competition was conducted, and the faculty in-charge were Dr. Prasanna Srinivas R and Dr. Ramesha A. (Assistant professors, dept of microbiology). The event was judged by Dr. Radha Dayanidhi and Dr. Mukhta (Assistant professors, Dept of Biotechnology).

On 23rd of January, the events conducted were: prelims of Lab Hunt, Fermented Foods and Logo Making. Thirteen teams participated in the Fermented Food competition. The event displayed a series of fruit beers, wine, and various probiotics. The event was judged by Dr. Soumya Shanbhag (Assistant prof.), Dr. Yogesh D (Assistant prof.) and Dr. Vemula Vani (Associate prof.), department of microbiology. The Lab Hunt turned out to be one of the most exciting events, as students participated in huge numbers, which made the total number of teams stand out to 48, each consisting of 3 members. Hence, a preliminary round was conducted to select 15 teams who would go for the final round of Lab Hunt. There were 9 participants for logo making competition, and the faculty of department of microbiology judged the best logo, which was announced as the official logo of Microfest-2k23.
The following day (24th January) was the last day of the fest. The final round of Lab Hunt was conducted on the last day. The 15 teams which were selected from the preliminary round competed to find the final treasure.

The formal function of Microfest-2k23 was organised on 25th of January. It started with the Ramaiah anthem followed by the lighting of the lamp by our dignitaries. Later, the vice principal, Dr. Pushpa H. welcomed the gathering which was followed by an overview of the Microfest-2K23 by a video presentation. The newly formed Microbiology club, “SUKHSHMANIKA” and the Microbiologist’s Society, India, student unit was inaugurated by the chief guest, Prof. Dr. Srinivas C., after which the chief guest Prof. Dr. Srinivas C (director, UGC-HRDC, Bangalore university) delivered the inaugural address. Succeeding that, principal, Dr. Vatsala.G enlightened the gathering with her encouraging words. Best student awards from Microbiologists Society, India was distributed to the students by the the chief guest Dr. Srinivas C.
This was followed by the invited talk from Dr. Surya Chandra Rao (Post-doctoral fellow, IISc, Bengaluru) and Dr. Latha Damle (founder and CSO, Atrimed Biotech, Bengaluru). During valedictory, prizes for all the competitions were distributed by the dignitaries to encourage the students and to appreciate their efforts.

Outcome of the program:  The students were motivated and encouraged to involve in various competitions that engage them in experiential and participative learning. of biochemistry).Rangoli