• Qualification: MSc, PhD (CSIR-UGC-JRF/NET) PDF(USA)
  • Department: Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Year of Experience: 12 Years
  • Email ID: vasnthkbhaskara@gmail.com

Academic / Professional Achievements

  1. Assistant Professor in Department of Chem. & Biochem. – PG, Ramaiah College, Bangalore (2014 -Current)
  2. CSIR-SRA (Pool Officer) at Laboratory of Molecular Oncology, Center for DNA Finger Printingand Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad (2012 – 2014)
  3. Postdoctoral fellow  at department of pharmacology & cancer biology, UICOM-P, Peoria, IL (USA), (2010-2012)
  4. Scientist, Stem Cell Therapy Department, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad (AP), India (2009-10)
  5. Postdoctoral Fellow, from Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, StritchSchool of Medicine, Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, IL, USA (2006 – 2008)
  6. Ph.D (2008) from Department of Animal Sciences, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, AP, India


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Manuscript Under Preparation

  1. Manuscript to be communicated to Curr Probl Cancer journal:

    “Precision Medicine in Breast Cancer Treatment: Current Prospectives and Challenges”

Scientific Presentations (Selected)

  1. Participated in National Webinar on “Current Trends in Life Science” held on 27th to 30th July, 2020 organized by Department of Life Science, Bangalore University.
  2. Participated in Faculty Development Program on “Studying Gene Expression using Genomic Approaches – Bulk to single cell expression analysis” held on 23rd and 24th July, 2020 by REVA University.
  3. Participated in Science Academies sponsored Science Leadership Workshop held on 22nd to 28th June, 2020 organized by Central University of Punjab, Bathinda.
  4. Participated in ICLCHS – 2019, international conference held on 24th to 26th October, 2019 organized by RCASC.
  5. Participated in Indian Academy of Sciences sponsored lecture workshop on “Nanomaterials – Applications in Biotechnology” held on 29th to 30th August, 2019 organized by Department of Biotechnology, Ramaiah Institute of Technology.
  6. Co-ordinator for Indian Academy of Sciences (IASc) sponsored lecture workshop on “Recent Trends in Cancer Biology” in collaboration with faculty of Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc) on 21st – 22nd, 2018.
  7. Presented poster entitled “Aberrant Cancer Stem Cell Pathways in Indian Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients” at Indo-Australian Symposium on “Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition” – New advances in cancer development held at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on 6th, 2017.
  8. Best oral and best poster presentation in Indian Science Congress (Bangalore Chapter), ISCA-Bangalore conference (September, 2015).
  9. Poster presentation in the international conference held by Society for Biological Chemists (India) to be conducted by Indian institute of technology – Madras (December 2009); Abstract Title:“Effect of MPP+ treatment on CEP pretreated immortalized mesencephalic dopaminergic neuronal (N27) cell death”
  10. Poster presentation in the International Symposium on Translational Research : “APOPTOSIS & CANCER”, held at Trivandrum (India) conducted by University of Kerala and University of Texas (MD Anderson Cancer Center) ( December – 2005); Abstract Title:“pERK, pAkt&pBad: Role in cell proliferation and sustained cellular survival during tumorigenesis and tumor progression in ENU induced transplacentalglioma rat model”.
  11. Poster presentation in the symposium – emerging concepts of the brain held at National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India (March – 2005); Abstract Title:“Differential PARP cleavage in human gliomas indicating existence of multiple forms of cell death”.
  12. Poster presentation in the 10thFAOBMB international conference held at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India (December – 2003); Abstract Title: “Comparative alterations of mitogen activateddiv protein kinase (MAP) kinases in human gliomas”.
  13. Poster presentation in the 71stSBC annual meeting held at Ludhiana, Punjab, India (November, 2002); Abstract Title: “Immobilization of delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus cells containing beta-galactosidase by gel entrapment”.

Life Memberships

  1. Life-member of “Society for Biological Chemists – India (SBCI)”
  2. Life-member of “Society for Neurochemistry – India (SNCI)”