Digital Library

The College Library is a gateway to a world of Information.  The Staff  and students have unlimited access to a wealth of Information found in  resources like books, magazines, Journals, Hand Books, Annual reports  and the Internet.
The MSRCASC Central Library aims to providing access to its printed  resources such as books, journals and magazines as well as E-Resources for  the use of faculty and students at the college campus.

Library Vision
 To be dynamic, inclusive, competitive learning resource center of  excellence in teaching, learning, research and community endeavors of  MSRCASC.
 Library Mission
 To provide students, staff and other library users an access to extensive  range of current and relevant quality information in support to the  academic and research work of the college.
 To deliver quality and in-time service to library clientele.
 Library Objective
​ * To understand the research, teaching and learning needs of its users.
 * To build collections and create tools to support research, teaching and    learning.
 * To provide access to and promote the discovery and use of local and  external information resources.
 * To ensure the preservation a long-lasting availability of library collections and resources.

 Opening Hours
The Library is available for the use for all MSRCASC members. Regular working hours Monday to Friday 9.20am to 4.40pm and Saturday 9.20am to 1.40pm. During examination days Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm and Saturday 9.00am to 2.00pm

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 Chief Librarian
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MSRCASC College Library subscribes to EBSCO-Business Source Elite, J-Gate Social & Management Sciences, DELNET and British Council Library. It regularly adds new Journals & Resources to the Collection for the benefits and easy access to all the users.
EBSCO-Business Source Elite
It is IP based access in college campus only.
Business Source® Elite presently provides 5091 Indexed and abstracted periodicals 1101 full test periodicals of scholarly business, management and economics journals.

INFORMATICS (INDIA) LTD.-J-Gate Social & Management Sciences
It is IP based access in college campus only.
J-Gate Social & Management Sciences (JSMS) J-Gate is an electronic gateway to globale-journal literature (2628 full test periodicals). Launched in 2001 by Informatics India Limited, J-Gate provides seamless access to millions of journal articles available online offered by 8,750 + Publisher

Access to Union Catalogue of Books 1,18,51,784 records, Union List of Journals 36,940 records, Union Catalogue of Journals 20,235 records, Articles Database 9,22,042 records, Union List of CD-ROMS 22,234 records.
Access to 85,000+ e-Books and 14,000+ e-Journals
Free on line access

Circulation of Materials
Users may borrow books and journals during working hours at the library circulation  section. PG Students may borrow maximum of two books and UG Students may borrow one book in their name. The books are issued for students maximum seven days & two renewals and teaching staff may borrow ten books and non-teaching staff may borrow five books. The books are issued for staff maximum one month.
The Library materials in certain advertised categories may not be issued without special permission of the Librarian as following;
Un Bound Parts/Current Issues of Journals
Hand Books
Reference Books
Project Reports
Fine will be charged on late return of Books and Journals.
Books and Journals borrowed from the Library may not be taken outstation unless special Permission is given. Students should deposit their borrowed materials in the library before they go on leave.
Code of Conduct

Borrowing materials without a valid identity card number is prohibited.
1.Not permitted to use another Identity Card.
 2. Do not reshelf Books, Periodicals etc., leave them on the tables properly after use.
 3. Talking is strictly prohibited in the Library.
 4. Please keep your Personal Belongings to outside the Library.  The Library is not responsible for any item left in the Library.
 5.  Food or Drink is not allowed in the Library.
 6. Making Noise, Spitting are strictly prohibited.
 7.  Reference Books are meant for Reading in Library only.
 8.  Student shall take care of their Personal belongings if anything loss, Library is not Responsible. Ø  Laptop if used in the library must have their own power and cable connector.
 9.  Mobile phones arComputerized Services
The library has automated all its services through “libsoft 9.8.0’. EPAC service gives search facilities for library resources. Automated circulation system has facilitated speed and efficient service at the circulation section.
Audio – Video Service
The library has 585+ sound video and audio cassettes concerned to related subject.
Book Bank Kit Scheme
MSRCASC-Book Bank Kit Scheme is introduced for the benefit of MBA students.
SC/ST Book Bank Scheme
The books under the SC/ST book bank scheme can be availed by the eligible SC/ST students.
Inter Library Loan (ILL)
We are the member of DELNET (Developing Library Network), by which we can access the books and other reading materials of over 1500 national and international libraries of different field of knowledge.
Reference Service
The library provides personalized short range and long range reference services to its users with its vast collection of books.
Content Delivery Service
The library provides Content page delivery service of books and journals to faculty by mail.
Referral Service
The library provides personalized referral services with following Institutions;
DELNET (Developing Library Network)
British Council Library – Bengaluru
M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology – Library
M.S. Ramaiah Medical College – Library
M.S. Ramaiah Law College – Library
M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management – Library
M.S. Ramaiah Polytechnic College – Library
M.S. Ramaiah College of Pharmacy – Library
Reprographic Service
Photocopying facility is available for the library users inside the library with two photocopy machines.
Book Exhibition
Book Exhibitions are conducted by well known publishers in the college campus  on different occasions i.e.
•   1st year Student Inauguration Day.
•   Independence day
•   Kannda Rajyotsava etc.,