Professor & Principal

Name                                     Dr.A.NAGARATHNA
Qualification                        MSc, BEd, MPhil, PhD
Department                          Biotechnology & Genetics
Designation                          Professor & Principal
Experience                           29  Years (in Teaching, Administration and Research)

EMail ID                       ,

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Key Career Achievements
         Under my Leadership the college has successfully got the NAAC Accreditation and ISO-9001-2008 .Was responsible to introduce various new courses in                 the  colleges worked with.
Research Guideship         
         Guided 7 students for their M.Phil and a Recognized Guide of Periyar University, PRIST University,Thanjavur, and Bharthiyar University,Coimbatore   Special Achievements
  • Organised a National Conference on the Impact of Biotechnology in India,2007, where more than 65 Research were presented.
  • Organised a National Conference on the Challenges of Modern Biology in 2020, CHAMB,in association with the Indian Science ongress Association, Bangalore chapter, and Department of Science and Technology, Govt of Karnataka, during March 2010.
  • Conducted several Faculty development Programmes, like writing Research proposals, Writing Research paper of International Standards, Self Initiated Development, Transactional Analysis, 1 O  1 for the Faculty members.
  • Conducted Two INSPIRE Science nurture Camps, sponsored by Department Of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

Text Books

  • A text book on Environmental Studies for the students of Degree classes published by Subhas publication 2008.
  • A text book of Zoology for 1st year Degree students is Published  Edition 2000.
  • A text book of Environmental Biotechnology is under Publication.


  • Fellow of Society of Applied Biotechnology during 2014.
  • Won the Scientist Award in the senior category during Feb 2009.
  • Won the Certificate of Excellence for the outstanding achievement and service to society in the field of  Education and Research in Bio- Technology on Inter- National Women’s day organized by PRCI and Rotary Club South West Bangalore on 8Th March 2009.


  • A.Nagarathna and M.S.Reddy (2014)Pollen and nectar quantification in Apis mellifera .L in different Ecohabitat , Indian Journal of Applied Research ISSN- 2249-555X, Impact factor-2.1652
  • Aishwarya and A.Nagarathna (2013) Biodegradation of Textile Azo dye using algae, Inland Water Ecology of India, Edited by Shashikanth H Majagi ISBN  9789351300700 (International Edition).
  • A.Nagarathna and M.S.Reddy (2012) Pollen Diversty in Apis mellifera and its quantification in different ecological habitats in Karnataka, India. International Journal of Scientic Writing and Research Publication Vol 2 Issue 8,Aug2012 ISSN- 2250-3153.
  • A.Nagarathna and M.S.Reddy (2010) Size of Pollen foraging population and its dynamics in Apis cerana indica and apis mellifera in different regions of Karnataka.Advances in Pollen spore Research,Vol,XXVIII (2010):17-25.
  • A.Nagarathna and M.S.Reddy (2010) Pollen Diversty in Apis cerana and its quantification in different ecological habitats in Karnataka, India. Trends in Biosciences 3 (2) 220-221 ISSN-0974-8431 NAAS rating 2.7

Academic Achievements

  • Participated and presented a paper on the Topic,  Determination of size of foraging population in Apis Cerana indica and its impact n the crop productivity during the Asian Plant science Conference  held at Bhairhawa, Nepal during 1-3 November 2014.
  • Attended a one day workshop on Choice Based credit system  organized by IQAC of Mount  Carmel college, Bangalore on 12thF 2014.
  • Participated and presented a paper on the Topic, Basic Science courses- present prospects and future challenges in the State level seminar on Quality Initiatives and Benchmarking in higher Education held in Bangalore on 26th August 2013.
  • Participated and presented the paper on Best practices in Institution of Higher Education during the conference on the Evolution of Quality Assurance in Higher Education its roles, Challenges and Oppurtunities, held on Feb 27-28 2012 at Sacred Heart Degree College, Bangalore.
  • Presented a paper at The National Symposium on Role of  Life Sciences in Climate change and Global warming between19-21Feb 2009 organized by V V Puram College of   Science.
  • Presented   paper in the UGC Sponsored National Seminar   on Conservation of Biodiversity in Protected areas, opportunities and Challenges organized by Christ university on 18-19 January 2009.
  • Presented a paper at the International Conference on Bio-Diversity and conservation of Management held at Cochin, Kerala during February 2008.
  • Presented a paper at the National Seminar on Awareness Motivation and Technology Transfer in Beekeeping and Honey Festival   in Bangalore, organized by GKVK During January  18-19 2008.
  • Invited as a sessional speaker at the Indian Science Congress, held at Vizag during Jan 2008.
  • Presented a paper in the National conference on the Impact of Biotechnology in India, held during October 2007, at  Bangalore.
  • Presented a paper in the International Conference in Zoology INCOZ 2006 held at Bangalore during 19-22 November 2006.
  • Paper was accepted at the International conference  on the medicinal properties of honey at Kota Bharu Kelantan ,Malaysia during August 27-29 2006.
  • Presented a paper at Perth for the Eighth Asian apicultural  conference held at Western Australia during March 20-24 ,2006.
  • Proceedings in  the 30th Annual conference of  ESI and National Symposium on the Biodiversity and Molecular basis of Organismal behavior during  Feb 4-5 ,2006  at Tirupathi.
  • Presented a paper at the National Seminar on Biological Sciences-Its impact on Environment, Bio-EnjaFutura -06 between 20-22 Jan  2006 held at Bangalore.
  • Presented a paper at The National Seminar on Advances in the Frontiers of  Environmental Research held at Visakhapatnam during Nov ,2005.
  • Presented a paper for The Apimondia 2005 held at Dublin, Ireland during Aug-2005.
  • Published a paper at the International Seminar on the sustainable beekeeping workshop and Honey Festival Apiexpo- 2003 held at Bangalore during October 2003.

Membership in Professional Bodies

  • Life member of All India Beekeepers   Association.
  • Member of Ethological Society of India.
  • LifeMember of Indian Science Congress Association.
  • Member of Society For Advancement of Science and Rural Development.

Academic Body  

  • Was Nominated as a member of Academic Council, Bangalore University during 1998-2000.
  • As a Member of BOS and BOE .
  • Worked with various capacities as a Chief Squad South Zone in Bangalore University Examinations.
  • As a Chief Custodian for the Language Unit  and commerce Unit of Bangalore University  Examination.