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 To prepare men & women for the services of the country
Shall deliver global quality education by nurturing conducive learning environment for a better tomorrow through continuous improvement and customization.
Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including  natural science,  engineering, medicine and the social science.Mathematics is a fundamental subject that is constantly developing. Yes – it is a discipline in its own right, but it is also the thinking behind countless commercial, industrial and technological activities. As a Mathematics student you will develop an outlook and high level study skills that will be hugely valuable whatever career path you follow after graduation.The staff members are very enthusiastic, dynamic and committed towards all the activities the department undertakes. Department is committed to serving the needs of various branches of under graduate courses by fostering an effective teaching / learning environment.

Courses Offered  
BCA  -  Bachelor of Computer Applications    (Mathematics in BCA)    
BSc  -  Bachelor of Science  (Electronics  /  Computer Science  /  Mathematics)
Minimun Qualification            
Pass in 10+2  / equivalent in any discipline with 60% .                                  

About the Course
BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three year under graduate programme conducted in six semesters. Students who undergo this program acquire the required qualification to do significant work in the IT industry. The subjects covered in the course of study by the department include the Mathematical foundation for Computer Science,Operations research , Numerical Analysis ettc.The mathematics  subjects are studied by the students in two semesters. Languages are studied during the first four semesters there is also  interdisciplinary subjects such as Indian Constitution & Environment Science in the Curriculum . BSc - Bachelor of Science is a three year under graduate programme conducted in six semesters. It is a trimajor course with electronics , Computer science and Mathematics . In accordance with the revised syllabus laboratories and library do get updated regularly. The core subjects are studied by the students in all the six semesters. Languages are studied during the first four semesters there are also  interdisciplinary subjects such as Indian Constitution & Environment Science  per semester in the Curriculum . This course provides an opportunity to have the mathematical skills and in developing an analytical mind to the students because of the core course in Mathematical, Electronics and computer science.The papers taught are   Calculus and Advanced Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Groups, Rings, Fields, Vector Spaces, Vector Algebra, Vector Calculus, Real Analysis, Vector Mechanics, Numerical Analysis. Complex Analysis, etc. The students are appraised based on their involvement and participation in tutorials, lecture classes and practical studies. They are also assessed by the project work and seminars apart from the examinations conducted by the Institution and the University.
Internal Assessment : Internal marks are assessed based on the performance of the student in tests, assignments, seminars, attendance, punctuality, interaction relating to subject during class hours, approach in solving the problem - awareness, progress, creative thinking development and the overall attitude of the student. 
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