Department of Computer Science


To provide leading programs in computer science  whose graduates are globally recognized as innovative and well-prepared computing  professionals
To produce computer science graduates who, trained in the design, implementation, and analysis of computational systems and skilled in technical communication, will contribute towards the advancement of computing science and technology
 The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 1993. Computer Science is a broad field which encompasses all aspects of computers, including the design and application of both hardware and software. Career opportunities are diverse and are found in computer design, manufacturing, development, testing, transportation, communications, research, education and management.It helps students to become responsible Computer and IT professionals with strong moral values.Department organizes and encourages co-curricular activities like Seminars, Workshops, Guest lectures, Educational trips and visit to Research Institutes.The Computer Science department of MSRCASC aims to educate students in the science and practice of IT. The emphasis is on hands-on practical training of software development. The curriculum prepares students for a career in the fast lane of software development and programming. The program enables the student to be updated on the latest revolution in technology and equips the students with the required skills and knowledge to assimilate into the industry at ease. The content delivery is uniquely complemented by extensive practical training. The course covers computer programming, algorithms,problem solving, software development, mathematics, artificial intelligence, software engineering, operating systems, and graphics and so on. The curriculum also allows students to opt from a number of elective subjects.The department has got well established spacious laboratories to provide good lab facility.
Courses Offered
         BCA  -  Bachelor of Computer Applications
         BSc  -  Bachelor of Science  (Electronics  /  Computer Science  /  Mathematics)
Minimun Qualification
              Pass in 10+2  / equivalent in any discipline with 60% .                                  
About the Course                                                                                     
 BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three year under graduate programme conducted in six semesters. Students who undergo this program acquire the required qualification to do significant work in the IT industry. The subjects covered in the course of study include the following Mathematical foundation for Computer Science, Programming in C, Computer Organisation and Micro processors, Business Communication and Personality Development, Discrete Mathematical Structures with Applications to Computer Science, Data Structures Using C, Database Management Systems, Object Oriented Programming using C++, Accounting and Financial Management, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Java Programming, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Internet Information Technology.The computer science subjects are studied by the students in all the six semesters. Languages are studied during the first four semisters there is also  interdisciplinary subjects such as Indian Constitution & Environment Science in the Curriculum .       
 BSc - Bachelor of Science is a three year under graduateprogramme conducted in six semesters. It is a trimajor course with Electronics , Computer science and Mathematics . The curriculum is followed as per the revised syllabus.In accordance with the revised syllabus laboratories and library do get updated regularly. The core subjects are studied by the students in all the six semesters. Languages are studied during the first four semesters there are also  interdisciplinary subjects such as Indian Constitution & Environment Science  per semester in the Curriculum .
The students are appraised based on their involvement and participation in tutorials, lecture classes and practical studies. They are also assessed by the project work and seminars apart from the examinations conducted by the Institution and the University.
Internal Assessment : Internal marks are assessed based on the performance of the student in tests, assignments, seminars, attendance, punctuality, interaction relating to subject during class hours, approach in solving the problem - awareness, progress, creative thinking development and the overall attitude of the student. 


Faculty of Computer Science
  BE, ADSE, MSc, (PhD)
  Assistant Professor & Head
  Department of  Computer Science
 MCA, MPhil, MTech, (PhD)
 Assistant Professor 
 Department of  Computer Science
 MSc, M Tech (IT)
 Assistant Professor 
 Department of  Computer Science
 MCA, MPhil
 Assistant Professor 
 Department of  Computer Science
 MSc, (MBA)
 Assistant Professor 
 Department of  Computer Science
 Hardware Networking,MCSE,(MCA)
 System Admin
 Department of  Computer Science